About the Project

ProBIO is a support action for KBBE projects which identifies KBBE research results to facilitate their uptake into the relevant sector.

We provide projects in the bioeconomy area with an opportunity to reach the market more effectively, through a number of actions:

  • coaching projects showing more mature results to market uptake into start-up creation and licensing deals with industrial partners;
  • facilitating links with industrial and financial investors;
  • providing guidance on how to exploit KBBE research into further research projects;
  • fostering networking and knowledge exchange between European bioeconomy initiatives and the most important sector players so to raise awareness towards policy makers and engaging the general public.

ProBIO is starting from the screening of bioeconomy projects results and classifies them according to their nature, progress and market proximity. Whilst some of them will be mature enough for market uptake, others may require further development to reach a higher TRL, or may have knowledge of relevance to policy makers.

ProBIO experts take the different nature and maturity level of research results into account and support projects with dedicated professional coaching and tools which will accelerate market entry, facilitate the flow of knowledge into new R&D projects and feed policy-relevant results into the political process.

Moreover, ProBIO foresees a range of events and communication activities supporting knowledge exchange and linkage of different actors along the bioeconomy value chains and making use of synergies through networking.

The multi-disciplinary team of the ProBIO consortium is built around highly specialised green innovation consultancies and a European expert group with an outstanding track record in promoting the uptake of results from public research. Additional thematic expertise is ensured by two technical centres and a media agency specialised in European innovation. 

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ProBIO services: how we can help you exploit your bioeconomy projects’ results

Coaching for market uptake

Licensing deals

  • Matchmaking towards industry players
  • Assistance in setting up licensing deals
  • IPR management consulting services
  • Recommendation on the most relevant exploitation routes

Start-up creation

  • Support in the creation of a start-up
  • Training on business plan writing
  • Pitching assessment
  • Support in the identification of investors and facilitating contact with them
  • Analysis of the relevant EU regulation

Tailored support for further R&I

Linking to available public funding opportunities

  • Guidance in the identification of the relevant European calls or public financing schemes
  • Feedback on draft proposal
  • Identification of relevant industrial partners for R&D project

Networking and knowledge exchange

Showcasing projects results

  • Participation to the ProBIO events and linking activities