Your toolkit for bioeconomy research exploitation

Professional support to the uptake of bioeconomy R&D results towards market, further research and policy for a more competitive European Bioeconomy.

Why ProBIO?

  • To increase the opportunity for KBBE projects to reach the market, by facilitating links to industrial and financial investors.
  • The most mature KBBE results will be coached to market uptake in the form of start-up creation or licensing deals to industrial players.
  • ProBIO will also provide guidance and support on how to exploit KBBE knowledge through further applied research, to feed policy making and implementation.

Our Services

Service 1

Coaching for market uptake

Coaching activities to prepare the market uptake of the most mature KBBE results in form of start-up creation or licensing deals to industrial players.

Service 2

Tailored support for further R&I

It will support those results that are not ready for the market but have relevance for further R&D. The support instruments will be divided into those for more upstream research and those for more applied research and development. Results owners will receive dedicated guidance and support to use their knowledge in new projects.

Service 3

Networking and knowledge exchange

It will foster networking and knowledge exchange among all players along the innovation value chain by organizing a series of events and linking activities.

Latest news

How safe is seafood?

20 December 2016 — Seafood is the main component of European Christmas menus. But with rising concern about chemical pollution in the marine environment, is seafood safe to eat?

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A guide to take project results to the market for the bioeconomy research community

ProBIO Business Stories

24 October 2016

ProBIO presents a guide to business plan writing: an opportunity for non experts to get an overview of the main contents and things to bear in mind when tackling a business plan.

The guidelines and tips in ProBIO Business Stories apply to all circumstances: anybody who wants to transform its ideas into a product to sell should get good hints from them, and feel encouraged to “brave the market”. Explore ProBIO Business Stories.

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