Policy Advisory and Development

Our team provides policy advisory services to help shape the regulatory framework for the bioeconomy sector. We work closely with policymakers to develop supportive policies that foster innovation and market growth.

At ProBIO, we understand the critical role that policy plays in enabling the advancement and commercialization of bioeconomy innovations. Our policy advisory services begin with in-depth research and analysis of existing regulatory environments. We examine current policies, regulations, and standards to identify opportunities and barriers within the bioeconomy sector.

Our experts engage in continuous dialogue with policymakers at local, national, and European levels. By participating in policy forums, working groups, and advisory committees, we ensure that our insights and recommendations are integrated into the policy-making process. We advocate for regulations that promote sustainable practices, incentivize research and development, and facilitate market entry for innovative bioeconomy products.

We also provide comprehensive policy impact assessments to evaluate the potential effects of proposed regulations on the bioeconomy sector. These assessments consider economic, environmental, and social impacts, helping policymakers make informed decisions that balance innovation with sustainability and public interest.