Why Probio Project?

– To boost the chances of KBBE projects reaching the market, by fostering connections with industrial and financial partners.
– The most developed KBBE results will be steered towards market integration through the formation of start-ups or licensing agreements with industrial partners.
– Probio Project will also offer advice and support on exploiting KBBE knowledge for further applied research, aiding policy development and implementation.

Our Services

Market Readiness Coaching

Providing coaching services to facilitate the market adoption of advanced KBBE outcomes through start-up development or licensing agreements with industry partners.

Customized R&I Support

Providing guidance for results not yet market-ready, divided into upstream research and applied R&D, ensuring owners can leverage their knowledge in new projects.

Networking and Knowledge Sharing

Facilitating connections and knowledge sharing across the innovation value chain through events and collaborative activities.

Latest News

As the ProBIO project approaches its final phase, this brochure provides an early look at the valuable insights and experiences we’ve gathered. Our aim is for other bioeconomy projects to leverage ProBIO’s accomplishments to enhance their own market visibility and readiness.