Partners and Collaborators

We collaborate with a diverse network of industrial partners, academic institutions, and financial investors. Our collaborations are crucial in bridging the gap between research and market implementation, ensuring that the most promising bioeconomy projects reach their full potential. Our industrial partners include leading companies in biotechnology, agriculture, and environmental services.

These partnerships provide us with access to cutting-edge technologies, industry insights, and practical applications that enhance the impact and scalability of our projects. By working closely with these companies, we can accelerate the commercialization process and bring innovative solutions to market more efficiently.

Academic institutions are at the heart of our collaborative network. We engage with top universities and research centers across Europe to tap into their wealth of knowledge and expertise. Through joint research initiatives, student exchanges, and collaborative projects, we ensure that our work is grounded in the latest scientific advancements and benefits from a multidisciplinary approach.

Financial investors play a pivotal role in the success of our projects. We partner with venture capital firms, investment funds, and financial institutions that share our vision for a sustainable bioeconomy. These collaborations provide the necessary funding and financial expertise to support the development and growth of bioeconomy ventures. By securing investment, we can scale our projects, drive innovation, and create economic value.